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We eliminate the marks of time on your body while respecting your features and unique characteristics; thus achieving a long lasting, natural-looking result. Our attention to detail will guarantee bringing out your infinite beauty.

Dr. Stavros Economou offers Plastic Surgery in Limassol, Cyprus. Our goal is to provide a unique experience for all our patients from the moment of first contact. Finally results are a combination of meticulous attention to detail respecting each patient’s individual characteritics and needs.


Stavros Economou , MD

Dr Stavros Economou is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Limassol, with a reputation for attending to every detail, he takes pride in delivering personalised  care and natural-looking results.



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The art of Plastic Surgery has given me the opportunity to work and think with fantastic and innovative colleagues as well as learn from teachers who think well outside the box

– Stavros Economou, MD

The Face

The Nose

The Brow

The Eyes

The Rest

Our face delivers in one glance, a summary of our pasion for life of so many moments passed in joy, sorrow or pain. As time passes our face ages, losing volume and elastic tone evantualy distorting our youthfull features. Despite this, you can gain back that youthfull apearance  by a facelift procedure.

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As a key feature of the face the nose is one of the cornerstones to our appearance. In addition the shape and size is often predetermined by our genetic make up but this can be also altered by accidents or prior surgery. In conclusion surgery can provide with an improved overall appearance of the shape and size of the nose improving the facial aesthetics. Finally, plastic surgery to the nose may also improve difficulties breathing; after remodeling it’s structure.

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The process of aging affects the area around the eyes the most. In addition, as we age we lose bone mass and experience a change in the quality of our skin ligaments and fat. Brow repossitioning can often be a part of a facelift or eylid surgery. In conclusion, the surgery is often performed in conjuction with fat transfer and wrinkle modifying treatments to the area.

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Being the most expressive feature of our face the eyes convey all of our emotions, in such subtle ways, that makes eylid surgery one of the most chalenging and rewarding procedures in plastic surgery. In conclusion, it is often performed for excess skin of the upper eyelid and fat bulging of the lower eyelid but most often a combination.

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Fat transfer

The harvesting of fat from one area of the body for re-injection into another, is termed fat transfer. The fat is often collected from areas of excess fat. These include the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs using a liposuction technique. Furhtermore the collected fat is prepared before reinjection into the new area.

However, fat  can be transferred into many other areas of the face and body. It has been used to fill out lips, the chin, the hollows underneath the eyes, acne scars, following breast cancer, for buttock augmentation and to rejuvinate thi skin of the face when microinjected.

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Using a toxin, that in tiny amounts can have a relaxing effect on the muscles causing wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead. The doses used are within the FDA guidelines. As a treatment it can also be used for reducing excessive sweating from the armpits, palms or soles of your feet making a huge impact on your quality of life.

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Dermal Fillers

The advancement of technology has made it possible to restore facial volume with minimal downtime making the use of facial fillers one of the most common interventions in facial plastic surgery. While a fairly simple procedure done in an office setting it is not without risks. Choosing a medical professional with a thorough knowledge of facial surgical anatomy and the practice of sterile interventions can minimize these.

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Dr. Economou is one of the best plastic surgeons in Limassol.

– Chr. Arist. – Patient testimonial.


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