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Fat injections vs. dermal fillers

Facial fat injections differ from dermal fillers in a few important ways.

Dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid typically produce faster results than facial fat transfers. And in case your injectable filler does not suit you, hyaluronidase, can be used to reverse the effects almost instantly. The permanent nature of fat transfers makes “un-doing” poor results a more challenging procedure.

Many doctors recommend “trying out” the look of injectable dermal fillers first, before moving on to facial fat grafting. Since dermal fillers are temporary and can be easily removed, you may want to start with the faster and lower-risk option before considering any permanent ones.

“As for the face, I prefer hyaluronic acid-based fillers to test the patient’s new look, in case they are unhappy with the changes,” explains Limassol Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stavros Economou.

Dr. Economou adds “If the patient isn’t satisfied, the product can be dissolved,”. “But if there is an issue with fat grafting, it requires surgery to correct. Typically, I would offer a hyaluronic acid filler first. If the patient is pleased with the results, I may discuss fat transfer at that time.”

While the risks of both procedures are very low, facial fat transfers do affect two sites on the body, and may cause minimal scarring at the extraction site. On the other hand, the autologous nature of fat transfers means that the risk of infection is extremely low, and your body is very unlikely to suffer any adverse allergic reactions.

In terms of costs, injectable fillers are cheaper per session — but since you’ll need to revisit your plastic surgeon repeatedly during the next years, the costs of repeated dermal filler procedures can be higher over time.

Both solutions are immensely popular. If you’re looking for a “quick fix”; dermal fillers are tried-and-true, fast, easy, and have a short recovery period. If you’re looking for a more permanent route to facial rejuvenation, you might want discuss about facial fat grafting with us.

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