Breast Augmentation Recovery and Post-Surgical Care

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation and swelling: What you see immediately after your breast augmentation is not what you will end up with — swelling will make your breasts appear much larger than anticipated and they will be higher than expected for several weeks or months until they fall into place. The swelling will settle within three to four months, although you probably won’t know your final bra size for sure until six months after the bandages come off.

Pain: Most women who have undergone breast augmentation in Limassol by Dr Economou, will tell you that the surgery was less painful than they expected; also  worth mentioning is the stiffness and the bruising for the first few days.

Drainage tubes: Depending on the surgeon’s preferences and experience, drainage tubes may be used to reduce the risk of fluid build up around the implant to prevent a capsule from forming. Dr Economou will not use them in breast augmentation surgery, for longer than necessary because they can introduce bacteria.

Extended recovery time: After 24 hours, you will be able to resume everyday activities, and return to work within three to seven days. But the swelling and mild discomfort will remain for weeks, and your activities will be restricted. For example, you won’t be able to sleep on your stomach or exercise vigorously for several weeks.

Breast Augmentation in Limassol

Loose clothing: Loose tops, zippered sweat shirts, and button-up blouses are recommended for your post-surgical wardrobe. However, any item of clothing that you can put on and take off without raising your arms or making an exaggerated movement is preferred. You will have a postoperative garment or sports bra that zips at the front to provide your new breasts with support.

No alcohol: Abstain from drinking for at least two weeks after your breast augmentation in Cyprus, to minimize the risk of bleeding and promote healing of your wounds.

Difficulty showering: Lifting your arms to wash your hair, bending down to wash your feet, and reaching around to wash your back must be avoided during your initial recovery period. With that in mind, you may want to stock up on dry shampoo or have a close friend or your caretaker help you with bathing. You’ll likely be restricted to sponge baths until your surgeon gives the green light to step into the shower. When showering, it is important to face away from the water spray and carefully dry incisions if they get wet.

Light exercise: You can forget the gym for a few weeks after your breast augmentation in Limassol. Lifting arms above your head and objects heavier than five pounds is generally not allowed for two weeks. However, general movement is encouraged to promote circulation.

New bras: After your surgery, you will have to wait four to six weeks until you can trade the sports bra for new lingerie. In the meantime, make sure your sports bras provide sufficient support and do not rub your incisions.

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