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If you start showing early signs of skin wrinkling and volume changes then you might consider treatment with dermal fillers in Limassol. As a result you can expect reduction in visible wrinkles restoration of your facial volume and improvement of skin quality.

Dermal fillers in small volumes can have a restorative effect on the volume of the face especially on the mid-face. This reduces sagging of the mid-face and helps improve deep grooves around the mouth, making you look fresh and youthfull. It is often combined with other treatments like wrinkle modifying treatments, skin treatments and fat transfer.

Dermal Fillers in Limassol

As we age our face loses bone mass and the soft tissues lose their elasticity. The result is loosening of the skin and distortion of our expressive features. Dermal fillers have evolved to such degree that they can be safely injected into our body with minimal discomfort. Furthermore the side effects are kept to a minimum in the hands of a doctor that knows the facial anatomy.

Dermal fillers for men

If you were ever told you look angry, upset or tired for no apparent reason then you might appear to be frowning without noticing. In such a case you might benefit from dermal fillers targeting the frown lines between your eyebrows. In addition wrinkle-modifying treatments might also be necessary to augment these results.

Benefits of having dermal fillers in Limassol by Dr. Economou may include:

  • Toned and shapely lips
  • Improvement in the facial expression
  • Reduction of fine and medium wrinkles
  • Softening of deep facial wrinkles
  • Fresh relaxed look
  • Increase in skin glow
  • Non invasive treatment
  • High rate of patient satisfaction
  • Minimal recovery time

What makes a good candidate for dermal fillers?

Patients presenting with mild to moderate skin wrinkles and moderate facial volume depletion are good candidates for dermal filler treatment. In addition, patients with deep wrinkles and sun damaged skins may also benefit from a combination of other procedures along with dermal filler, to enhance the outcome,  including wrinkle modyfying treatments, resurfacing techniques, and cosmetic procedures.

Where will my procedure take place?

All our procedures are performed at the Economou Medical Center. The center offers quality health care at an exclusive and luxurious environment. As mentioned, the center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and infrastructure. Also our staff is eager to meet your important needs. Most importantly we take pride in providing tailored individualized health care meeting your needs in a beautiful and safe environment.



Our staff will thoroughly clean your skin and afterwards cover the areas to be treated with local anaestetic cream.

Dermal filler injection

This treatment is simple, quick and safe. You can immediately resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure. Many people have their treatments and resume work afterwards. More specifically, using disposable syringes with blunt microcannulas, Dr. Economou will deliver, small amounts of dermal filler, into several points in the area to be treated.

Your results

The visible improvements of your treatment will appear in a few days. Following this, Dr. Economou will  see you two weeks following treatment for a follow-up. You can normally drive immediately after the treatment and carry on with your usual activities.

TAKING THEnext step

If you are interested in having dermal fillers please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Economou. During this initial meeting, Dr. Economou will be happy to meet with you and learn more about your personal needs and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Economou is passionate about delivering the most innovative and groundbreaking anti-aging solutions to his patients. It is a privilege to assist you to revitalize your appearance.

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