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If you your skin has lost elasticity, has vissible celulite and excess focal fat deposites then our local body treatments in Limassol are ideal for you.

These changes can be very frustrating and resistant to the most strenuous excercise programs. Dr. Economou can help you decide the right treatment to tackle these issues in a minimaly invassive manner.

Liposuction and body treatments in Limassol

Liposuction does not necessarily mean long opperating times and general anaesthetic. For those problem areas of persistent fat liposuction with local anaesthesia might be ideal for you.

Body surgery for men

In a modern and competitive working environment the need to look fresh and sharp is not confined to women. As a result men, often seek a consultation for body surgery. Specifically apart from facial surgery the practice offers treatments for gynaecomastia, penile modifying surgery, and targeted liposuction to the abdomen. Furthemore Dr. Economou offers fat transfer to augment the buttocks and facial volume deficits.

After discussing each individual requirements for any given patient, Dr. Economou will then determine the kind of procedure to match your aesthtic goals.

What makes a good candidate for body treatments?

Firstly patients that would benefit the most from a body treatment in Limassol are those with mild to moderate focal fat excess cellulite or skin relaxation. In addition patients with skin relaxation, mild or severe focal celulite would benefit from liposuction of the problem areas combined with autologous fat tranfer to the volume deficient areas these are used by the best plastic surgeons in Cyprus.

Secondly, as with any procedure, it is important that, you are doing this for yourself. Therefore you should not do it to please someone else or to meet up to their expectations.

Where will my procedure take place?

All our treatments in Limassol are performed at the Economou Medical Center. The center offers quality health care at an exclusive and luxurious environment. As mentioned, the center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and infrastructure. Also our staff is eager to meet your important needs. Most importantly we take pride in providing tailored individualized health care meeting your needs in a beautiful and safe environment.

TAKING THEnext step

If you are interested in discussing the different body treatments in Limassol offered please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Economou. During this initial meeting, Dr. Economou will be happy to meet with you and learn more about your personal needs and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Economou is passionate about delivering the most innovative and groundbreaking, body treatments to his patients. It is a privilege to assist you to revitalize your appearance. We try to be amongst the best plastic surgeons in Cyprus.

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