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Ear surgery is also termed as otoplasty. In brief it is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting the shape, size, position and overall proportions of the ear.

Even small ear deformities could have a big effect on a person’s self esteem. So if protruding or large ears concern you or your child, you may consider surgical correction.

Otoplasty (ear surgery)

The ears, as with any body part that may be different than what society considers the “norm” can often be a cause for decreased self-esteem. So as with any form of peer pressure, especially in children; these incidents should be dealt with the outmost respect and attention.

Surgery is always an option; but firstly it should be made clear that being different is something to be cherished. More importantly that no one can make remarks about it.

During your consultation for an otoplasty in Limassol Dr. Economou will address any concerns you have about the operation and help you understand the steps involved.

Otoplasty for adults

It is often that adults find themselves wanting to improve on the shape or size of their ears. This can be possible with cosmetic ear surgery by Dr. Stavros Economou.

Finaly, having ear corrective surgery or otoplasty, can significantly improve your self-confidence, especially in a society where first impressions are important.

Benefits of having ear surgery by Dr. Economou may include:

  • Correcting large ears
  • Better projection of protruding ears.
  • Reduce anxiety in children and young adults.
  • Increase facial symmetry
  • Boost in self confidence
  • Softening of the overal facial expression

What makes a good candidate for ear surgery?

Firstly, as with any operation, it is important that, you are doing this for yourself. Therefore you should not do it to please someone else or to meet up to their expectations. Dr. Economou, being a father of two himself, will listen to your child’s opinions. In this process he also urges children to express their feelings and will more importantly, involve the parents in this process.

In conclusion, a good candidate for most aesthetic procedures is a person that is in good general health, with no significant medical history. Furthermore, ideally these patients should be non-smokers, or willing to quit prior to surgery.

In addition they should be in a good and stable mental state. Any recent major changes in their personal life that can affect their decision-making abilities. It is also helpful to have supportive social and family environments. Finally have a clear and realistic understanding that surgery can offer improvements to ones appearance and not perfection.

Where will my procedure take place?

All our operations are performed at the Economou Medical Center offering quality health care at an exclusive and luxurious environment. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and infrastructure and the staff is eager to meet your important needs. The Cyprus ministries of health and labor accredit our medical center. The center meets up high standards of care and safety set by European and Cyprus laws. Most importantly we take pride in providing tailored individualized health care meeting your needs in a beautiful and safe environment.

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Certified consultant anaesthetists, perform all anaesthesia. Our team operates in a safe, sterile and controlled operation theater room.

The Incision

  • As per common practice Dr. Economou designs the incisions as to hide them behind the ear.
  • In addition Dr. Economou corrects protruding ears by bringing them closer to the head.
  • Finaly in the case of under formed ear fold Dr. Economou uses stitches to recreate an natural looking fold.

Closing the incisions

Dr. Economou, closes all the incisions in layers, relieving the skin from any tension ensuring minimal scaring. Finally a close attention to detail and excellent technique ensures consistently good results.

Your results

As with any surgical procedure you can expect some bruising and swelling. Also each patient heals in a different way and there are some measures you can take to help speed your recovery.

Children return to school after two to seven days. Finaly they can resume contact sport activities only after a few months.

TAKING THEnext step

If you think that ear surgery might be what you need, please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Economou. In fact during this first meeting, Dr. Economou will review your medical history, and will help you formulate a plan to suit your individual needs.

As with any cosmetic surgery, so with ear surgery, it should be considered for personal reasons. Definitely it should not be undertaken under peer pressure. Dr. Economou is happy to discuss your concerns and help you come to a decision.

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