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The brow becomes droopy along with changes of the eye and eye-socket; often this will affect the overall appearance of the face, creating a tired look. Dr. Economou uses refined brow lift techniques that address these changes.

A tired look that does not reflect how you feel is often frustrating and can often convey the wrong message to those around us. A brow lift will restore your brow and eyes giving you a brighter relaxed and fresh look. This operation will often improve forehead wrinkles as we stop striving to lift our brows. Furthermore headaches also are often improved as the tension of lifting one’s brow.

Browpexy (Brow lift)

The brow is often one of the first face features to show signs of aging along with the eyes and orbit. In conclusion a brow lift will not only improve the appearance of a tired eye but also help improve forehead wrinkles and tension headaches.

In addition, if you have a droopy tired look excess skin of the upper eyelid you may consider having a browlift surgery in Limassol.

Finally this procedure is often combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) botulinum toxins and fillers for the mib-brow area.

Brow surgery for men

It is very important for men to also look fresh in the modern business arena as well as their in personal life. A brow lift can significantly improve one’s image, especially in the business world, where first impressions can be very crucial.

Furthermore, modern culture revolves around media and image, making the need for an attractive look more important.  in conclusion undergoing cosmetic treatments can give one the benefit of looking fresh and youthful, despite increasing age.

Benefits of a brow lift surgery in Limassol at Economou Medical Center include:

  • Fresh look
  • Competitive edge at work
  • Reduction in forehead wrinkles
  • Improvement in eye shape
  • Relaxed facial expression
  • Less tension headaches
  • Full and shapely orbit
  • Improvement in first impression
  • Attractive youthful appearance

What makes a good candidatefor brow lift surgery?

A good candidate for most aesthetic procedures is a person that is in good general health and mental state with no significant medical history or recent major changes in their personal life that can affect their decision-making abilities. Ideally these patients should be non-smokers, or willing to quit prior to surgery, with supportive social and family environments. Most importantly have a clear and realistic understanding that surgery can offer improvements to ones appearance and not perfection.

Patients interested in having a brow lift in Limassol will have experienced drooping (ptosis) of the brow, reduction in brow fat volume and a transition of this brow fat into the eye socket.

A variety of other procedures may be combined with your eye lift procedure to enhance your outcome, including soft tissue fillers, resurfacing techniques, and botulinum toxin injections.

Where will my procedure take place?

All our operations are performed at the Economou Medical Center. The center offers quality health care at an exclusive and luxurious environment. As mentioned, the center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and infrastructure. Also our staff is eager to meet your important needs. It is important to note that the Cyprus ministries of health and labor accredit our medical center. As a result the center meets up high standards of care and safety set by European and Cyprus laws. Most importantly we take pride in providing tailored individualized health care meeting your needs in a beautiful and safe environment.

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Certified consultant anaesthetists, perform all anaesthesia. In addition, our team operates in a safe, sterile and controlled operation theater room.

The Incision

  • Dr. Economou designs the incision lines for brow lift surgery so that scars are well concealed within the hairline.
  • Dr Economou often uses the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) incision to perform the brow lift.
  • An endoscope is often used to assist with the procedure.

Closing the incisions

For his brow lift surgery in Limassol, Dr. Economou closes his incisions with sutures.

Your results

As with any surgical procedure you can expect some bruising and swelling. Each patient heals in a different way and there are some measures you can take to help speed your recovery.

Dr. Economou will provide you with information before and after your operation. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Dr. Economou will be happy to help you make, the best decissions regarding your aesthetic goals.

TAKING THEnext step

If you think that brow lift surgery might be what you need, please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Economou. In fact during this first meeting, Dr. Economou will review your medical history, and will help you formulate a plan to suit your individual needs.

A brow lift will often need complimentary procedures for completion. Dr. Economou can discuss these complementary procedures with you in order to achieve the best result possible.

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