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The breast is a cornerstone to the figure of a woman. Some women may decide to have a breast reduction and improve their breast size and shape

Dr. Economou, will remove any excess breast tissue and repossition your nipple to a more desirable lifted possition and also repossition and lift your breast tissue volume.

Reduced size with lift

The female breast changes over the years in shape and size. In addition further changes occur influenced by hormonal cycles of pregnancy and menstruation. The use of lifting techniques can enhance the form of the breast giving it a fuller shape, increased projection and definition.

Regardless of the reason for seeking a breast lift, Dr. Economou can guide you to make the best decission regarding the details of the type of procedure that suits your needs.

Very often liposuction is combined with a breast reduction to optimize results.

Measure twice cut once for size and shape

The width of your chest, the quality of your skin and also the degree of relaxation of the breast and position of the nipple will be considered to determine the technique to be used.

Typically, all techniques involve the lifting of the nipple to a new position while reducing the breast volume and reshaping the breast mount. These methods mimic the youthful breast shape, moving the breast volume from the bottom of the breast to the upper part of the beast.



Certified consultant anaesthetists, perform all anaesthesia. In addition, our team operates in a safe, sterile and controlled operation theater room.


Incision options include:

  • Racquet-shaped or key-hole pattern with an incision around the areola and then down to the breast fold.



  • An anchor-shaped often called “inverted T” incision pattern



  • A round incission at the nipple skin junction (areola)

Your reduction opperation

After planing the incision and the new nipple ispossition is marked, the breast is reduced, lifted and re-shaped. In most cases, the nipple remains connected to its original blood and nerve supply often maintaining sensation. In cases of extremely large, long breasts, the nipple may need to be cut off and repossitioned as a graft into the it’s new possition.

Your results

Firstly, as with any surgical procedure you can expect some bruising and swelling. Secondly, you will need several days to return to more normal activities after your breast reduction. In addition, each patient heals in a different way and there are some measures you can take to help speed your recovery.

You can expect a smaller more shaped breast, less back and neck pain and marked improvement in under the fold skin rash.

TAKING THEnext step

If you think that breast reduction surgery might be what you need, please contact us for a consultation with Dr. Economou. In fact during this first meeting, Dr. Economou will be happy to meet with you and learn more about your personal needs and your medical history. He will then help you formulate a plan to suit your individual needs.

Dr. Economou can provide you with access to our before and after, picture Gallery. This gallery is password protected to ensure patient privacy.

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